pet sitter sitting with shiba inu during inhome pet sitting services howard county mdWhen you’re going out of town for vacation or a business trip, one of the most stressful parts of the planning process is deciding who is going to watch your dog or cat. You don’t want to send them to a pet boarding house, because they may be scared or confused. However, you can’t leave them at home alone, without anyone to care for their needs or give them attention. Fortunately, in addition to our dog walking services, D’Tails Pet Services provides in-home pet sitting to Howard County, MD residents. If you need an in-home pet sitter in Howard County, MD, we can be your answer

Why Choose In-Home Pet Sitting in Howard County, MD?

There are multiple benefits to an in-home pet sitter in Howard County, MD. For instance, because D’Tails Pet Services also offers dog walking and cat sitting, your dog or cat already knows the staff. Therefore, they won’t be scared if they come into the house to feed and water them. Instead, your furry friend will see someone that they already trust.
An in-home pet sitter in Howard County, MD also gives your pet personalized attention and care. It also prevents your pet from being exposed to illnesses at a boarding house or doggy daycare. Additionally, your pup or kitty is in a safe and familiar place. As a result, they won’t be scared or confused.

However, in-home pet sitting in Howard County, MD doesn’t just calm your pet. It can also give you peace of mind. Because you are already familiar with D’Tails Pet Services, you already know that you can trust us to care for your pet. You know that we will treat your pet with the same love and care that you do, so you don’t have to worry about someone mistreating them. Additionally, because D’Tails Pet Services is bonded, insured, and has pet first-aid and CPR certification, you can be confident that we can handle anything in the unlikely event that an emergency should arise.

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At D’Tails Pet Services, the staff are committed to your pet’s wellbeing. Therefore, when you ask us about an in-home pet sitting in Howard County, MD, you know that your pet will get the best possible care. Our pet sitting services include a twenty-minute visit to your house. During this time, we perform a variety of services for $16, including:

  • Yard potty breaks (for dogs)
  • Litter box cleanings
  • Feeding
  • Fresh water
  • Medication administration (if applicable)
  • Treats, if you provide them

In addition to these essential pet maintenance services, our in-home pet sitting in Howard County, MD also includes tender, loving care to your animals. Furthermore, we can also retrieve any packages and mail that you may have received in your absence.

At D’Tails Pet Service, we treat every pet like family. In addition to our in-home pet sitting services, we also provide:

Don’t get overly stressed out when you need to go out of town. Contact D’Tails Pet Service today at 410.300.0801 to engage our in-home pet sitting in Howard County, MD, and ensure your pet’s safety.