terrier in the car ready to go with pet taxi service howard county mdWe’ve all been there. Your dog, Max, is in desperate need of a groomer. However, the only appointment available in the next two weeks is on a Wednesday at 2-right when you’re supposed to be in the middle of a major presentation. You wonder, should I try and take off? Should I reschedule the appointment for a more convenient time? Fortunately, there is an answer to your problem. At D’Tails Pet Service, we offer a pet taxi service for Howard County, MD residents. This pet services program can make life considerably easier for both you and your pet.

What Does a Pet Taxi Service in Howard County, MD Do?

Many people have not heard of a pet taxi service in Howard County, MD, and those who have might be confused about what the term means. A pet taxi service, simply put, transports your pet from your home to their vet, groomer, or doggy playgroup appointment and back home afterward. Essentially, this service can stand as your dog or cat’s chauffeur.
When you hire the pet taxi service in Howard County, MD, we ensure that your pet receives safe and comfortable transportation to whatever appointment you have made. This service provides a variety of benefits for your pet. For instance, your pet will make it to their appointment at the scheduled time, without you having to take off work or school. As a result, you can keep their health and wellbeing as the priority, without distracting you from your daily responsibilities.

Moreover, at D’Tails Pet Service, we are committed to treating your pet as we would our own. In other words, you can rest assured that they are getting the same love and attention that you would give them in the same situation. This service also allows your pet to socialize with people outside the family, so they get used to other people being around them.

A pet taxi service in Howard County, MD also benefits you. For example, because the staff at D’Tails Pet Service is insured, bonded, and certified in pet CPR and first aid, you can rest easy knowing that we can handle any emergency that arises. You don’t have to rely on the services of friends, family, or neighbors because of this service. Most importantly, you know that your pet is getting the care they need.

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Even though your pet needs to go to the groomer or the vet, you don’t have to put your life on hold. With a pet taxi service in Howard County, MD, you can relax knowing that D’Tails Pet Service is taking care of your pet’s needs.

Our pet taxi service is one of our helpful services, and costs only $15 each way. D’Tails Pet Service also provides:

A pet taxi service in Howard County, MD can ease your mind and get your furry or feathered friend the care they deserve. To learn more about D’Tails Pet Service, or to engage our pet taxi service, contact us by calling 410.300.0801 today.